Ways to use INFFER

INFFER has been designed as a holistic system. To deliver the greatest benefits, it should be used in a comprehensive way, working through steps 1 to step 7. However, we recognise that it is normal for people to want to use any new framework in ways that suit them, and that some users may benefit from elements of INFFER without adopting the comprehensive INFFER process. That is why we have created this document: to describe different ways in which INFFER or its components could be used beneficially. We aim to provide potential users with an appreciation of the range of ways that INFFER might be used, and to warn them of some problems we have observed with certain modes of use.

The document includes advice about:

  • using the comprehensive INFFER process versus a partial process;
  • assessing projects intended to generate public benefits;
  • assessing projects aimed at generating private benefits;
  • using a non-market valuation to assess asset significance rather than the INFFER scoring system;
  • using INFFER to provide insight into priorities for research and development; and
  • assessing projects that aim to enhance community awareness and capacity.

Download the full document: Ways to use INFFER (65KB pdf)