Integrated research for policy

This journal paper is about connecting research to policy. It includes lessons from the literature, and from our experiences developing and delivering SIF3. The citation is:

Pannell, D.J. and Roberts, A.M. (2009). Conducting and delivering integrated research to influence land-use policy: salinity policy in Australia, Environmental Science and Policy 12(8): 1088-1099.


Researchers can find the process of engaging with policy to be both rewarding and frustrating. In the context of land-use policy, we discuss various aspects of the research-policy nexus, including the various influences of research and policy on land use, the adoption of research results by policy makers, differences between policy and research, and the roles that researchers can play in policy. We present a case study from Australia in which a range of research into land use was integrated to develop an investment framework for policy makers and natural resource managers. We conclude that, to enhance their influence on land-use policy, researchers should strive to: understand the policy maker’s perspective, practice excellent communication, be solution oriented, find a champion, avoid appearances of vested interest, and be simple, patient, persistent, resilient, responsive and timely.

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