Decision making by catchment management organisations

This article is about the processes and capabilities of catchment management organisations in Australia for decision making about investment prioriteis.

Seymour, E., Pannell, D., Roberts, A., Marsh, S. and Wilkinson, R. (2008). Decision-making by regional bodies for natural resource management in Australia: current processes and capacity gaps, Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 15, 211-221.


In Australia, major government programmes for management of the environment and natural resources rely on planning and prioritisation by regional natural resource management bodies. The task faced by these organisations is complex. In this study, we qualitatively analysed phone interviews with a sample of regional bodies to identify areas where the use of information in decision-making could be improved. The type of information used was largely biophysical, with relatively poor consideration of economic and social information. Even for the biophysical information, there was very little assessment regarding the quality of the information. Regional bodies face particular challenges in relation to integration and interpretation of information, and evaluation of their own investments. Results of this study highlight the need for these bodies to become more systematic users of information, with stronger processes to integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines and from regional stakeholders.

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